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Instead of being constrained by the simple and functionalist philosophy of connectivity, urban spaces of this particular historical background turn out to be multi-dimensional experiencing fields. Urban space quality has also become one of the important standards when evaluating a city. As an important part of the “The Second Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition”, “Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei - The 2nd Q-City International College Student Design Competition (China·Xingtai)” revolves around the topic of “Quality City”, aiming at the transformation and improvement of urban quality. Through the new humanistic spirit, it explores the ideas and methods of urban micro renewal, strives to enhance the value of existing factors through limited investment, precise design and persevering implementation strategies, and hopefully generates “huge” benefits with “small” intervention in the end.


Quality City · XINGTAI

In the future, the competition between cities will go beyond the traditional pattern and direction. This competition which advocates “Quality City”, is an exploration and attempt of transforming methods for urban public spaces. “Quality City” is intended to further enhance grade and characteristics of a city, show deeper potential inside the city, integrate spirit and culture of the city into the physical construction and development, and form the spiritual essence reflecting the identity of city, making more beautiful the buildings, more convenient the public services, and more delightful the living environment.
This international competition is based on Xingtai City’s actual context, which is full of historical heritage and development potential. Taking public spaces as the fulcrum, it is open to all college students, from home and abroad, in urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, art design and so on, and is aimed to solicit creative renewal proposals for urban microscopic spaces. The design content include 1) Urban Renovation, 2) Smart City Furniture, 3) Health & Sports Facilities, 4) Public Art Installations and other buildings or installations that can stimulate the vitality of city, offering new perspective, new stage and new focus for the richness and vividness of daily life. The prize-winning works will have the opportunity to be implemented in Xingtai City, and the final decision will be made by local government.

Basic Information about Xingtai

Xingtai is located in the southern part of Hebei province, adjacent to Shandong province in the east with Wei Canal as the boundary, west to Shanxi province, north and northeast to Shijiazhuang and Hengshui, south to Handan. This Land has bred a large number of great figures and events that have a great impact on China and the world, leaving behind a rich historical and cultural relic during the 3500-year-old civilization.


Sponsor: Hebei Provincial People’s Government
Organizer: Hebei Provincial Department of Housing & Urban-Rural Development, Xingtai Municipal People’s Government
Organizational Unit:Xingtai Natural Resources and Planning Bureau
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