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Basic Information about Xingtai

Xingtai is located in the southern part of Hebei province, adjacent to Shandong province in the east with Wei Canal as the boundary, west to Shanxi province, north and northeast to Shijiazhuang and Hengshui, south to Handan. This Land has bred a large number of great figures and events that have a great impact on China and the world, leaving behind a rich historical and cultural relic during the 3500-year-old civilization.


Sponsor: Hebei Provincial People’s Government
Organizer: Hebei Provincial Department of Housing & Urban-Rural Development, Xingtai Municipal People’s Government
Organizational Unit:Xingtai Natural Resources and Planning Bureau
Planning and Execution Unit: Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine


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LIU Jing +86 18600687662;liujing@uedmagazine.net
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China Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad:
Phoebe +86 18511537506;maomingzi@uedmagazine.net
Wang Jiayue +86 13189714339;wangjiayue@uedmagazine.net


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