Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei
The 2nd Q-City International Student Design Competition

Editor's Note: On June 20th, 2019, the final jury review for Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei: The 2nd Q-City International Student Design Competition was held in Xingtai. More than 10 well-known architects and architectural educators from home and abroad were invited for the review session. After several rounds of evaluation, the result was finalized.


In current era, urban space is no longer constrained by the simple and functionalist connection concept but a multi-dimensional space for experience. The quality of urban space has become one of the necessary perspectives to measure a city. With the title of “Quality City”, Planning and Design for Beautiful Hebei: The 2nd Q-City International Student Design Competition is aimed at students of urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, art design, etc., and recruits creative urban micro-space renewal programs. The contents include sports facilities, smart city furniture, public art pieces and other structures that can stimulate the vitality of the city. The aim is to explore the ideas and methods of urban micro-renewal with a new humanistic spirit. The investment, precise design and consistent implementation strategy enhance the value of existing factors and generate “huge” benefits with “small” intervention.


More than 600 students, 191 groups from institutions all over the world participated in the competition and participated in the competition. 1 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 10 third prizes and 20 excellent awards were selected. Qiu Feng from Southeast University and Niu Yifei from Tokyo University of Technology took the lead. Their project is " Tree· Market· Community ".
The judges evaluate the championship`s work as:
1.The shape is light and dynamic, the public space is rich and diverse
2. The function is clear with diversity and adaptability
3. The volume is appropriate, and the single structure can be repeatedly constructed.

Tree·Market·Community © Qiu Feng, Niu Yifei

First Prize :Design Interpretation

Around the site there are many residential areas. The north side of the site faces to the main road and the east side is next to a street. Therefore, the north-east corner is important. However, in such a high-density living area there is no architecture available to inspire public activities. As the market serves many local people, it seems to be the best choice to gather people together. So we consider combining community function with the market.

Under the same roof, people could enjoy shopping, communicating as well as community activities. They come here not only for food, but also for the daily connection with the community. We divide the goods into two types. The first includes vegetables and fruit, which create no pollution. The other type includes meat and fish that may cause unpleasant smell and dirty water. The first type is better to be arranged in linear space while the second type should be centralized and be easy to manage.

We come up with the space prototype, in which there are two-story linear spaces surrounding the high space. The prototype fits with the two business types in the market and the community space on the second floor is connected to the whole market, which creates a special atmosphere in the community. We hope to recall people’s memory about their activities under the tree, which could create special atmosphere and experience. The structure imitates the shape of branches to support the lissome roof.


Name of the Project

Name of the winner



First Prize 1 Group1



Qiu Feng, Niu Yifei

Southeast University, Tokyo University of Technology

Second Prize 4 Groups



Fang Yuxi, Hu Xiaonan

Tokyo University of Technology


The Portal - Smart City Furniture

Salma Kattass

Morocco Rabat National Institute of Architecture


Urban Chimney

Song Yulu, Gu Yanwen

Nanjing University



Wen Yufeng, Liu Yanning, Li Siqi, Li Xiangrong

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Bai Yao, Zhou Yu, Wang Tianyang

Third Prize 10 Groups


Fold screen attract the banquet

Chen Jingjing, Huang Weican, Huang Liping, Duan Ran

Qingdao Technological University

Cheng Shuai


Gap Market——Micro Renewal of Abandoned City Space

Zhou Zihan, Guo Jiaqi,Huang Yunshan

Tianjin University

Hu Yike, Xin Shanchao


Hidden in the city

Liu Yanxi, Luo Xin

South China Agricultural University


Reach the water and climb the mountain

Chen Ronghuan, Zhou Youxin, Jiang Wang, Sun Qi, Fu Chaoyang

University of South China

Wu Xuhui, He Danqiu


Trash For Treasure—— Architecture design of market combining organic trash reuse

Xu Mengting, Tang Zhongyu, Zheng Qingqing, Ge Tianchen,Lin Shouwei

Zhejiang Agricultural, Forestry University

Chen Chuwen


Enrichment space—— Based on the theory of five dimensional market street garden Design

Shi Yutong, Zhou Wanyu, Xu Keyou

Zhejiang Agricultural, Forestry University

Chen Chuwen


Quincuncial Piles Come to the Nature

Wang Gang, Shi Xiaoqing, Jiang Nan,Wang Runxuan

Qingdao Agricultural University

Li Fengyi, Wang Kai



Sun Xiaofan, Li Xiang

Tianjin University

Song Kun, Feng Lin


Rest Room, Courtyard, Pavilion

Luo Chenhao, Liu Yian, Zhang Yaqi, Wang Yuxuan, Zhang Yi

Syracuse University


Stream wave——the looming bus station

Li Rong, Li Wenjie, Sun Tong, Yang Xinyi

Xi'an University of Science and Technology

Meng Ge

Excellence Award 20 Groups20


Living Room of Community market

Gao Yuze, Yan Jian, Fu Shuai, Bowen,Cao Yu

Qingdao Technological University

Cheng Ran



Qi Ji, Hao Jun, Tianyuan, Wang Hanmin

Inner Mongolia University of Technology

Zhang Pengju


Vegetable Market under Arched Architecture

Zhao Jie, Liu Jiaqi

Shandong Agricultural Shandong Agricultural University


Building Neighborhood Centers Growing up in Communities

Cai Pengcheng, Xue Xue, Shi Bingyong

Shanghai Normal University

Chen Xinye


The Traces

Zhang Hengrui, Feng Wenhan

Shandong University of Science and Technology

Chen Min



Maria Svetovidova, Aigul Sadrtdinova

Kazan National University of Architectural Engineering

Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova



 Chuprina Alexandra

Kazan National University of Architectural Engineering

Akhtiamov I. I., Akhtiamova R. H.


Happy planet——the gifts for children as they grow up

He Yuwei, Liu Ruixue, Cao Yuanyuan, Gao Yufei,Li Ziru

Xi'an University of Science and Technology

Meng Ge


Outdoor sanitation workers inflatable bed

Xu Li, Liang Yaoyao, Miao Yingbin, Wan Zhonghua, Cheng Wei

Yanshan University

Wang Nianwen


CITY LEGO—Intelligence Module Space Design under the Background of the Internet

Wang Yuxin, Zhang Runju

Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology

Wang Feng



Anastassiya Muravyova

Kazan National University of Architectural Engineering

Akhtiamov Ilnar, Akhtiamova Rezeda


Ramp Time

Dilyara Nurislamova

Kazan National University of Architectural Engineering 

Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova


Ambiguous boundary—— Park design from the perspective of urban public space

Wang Feng Luo Jiatao, Chen Jingjing

Guangzhou University and Qingdao University of Technology


Light &Shadow of the Nature

Fu Deyang, Zu Xiaoyi,Fan Yueming

Hefei University of Technology and Sichuan University



Yang Jingfeng

Zhejiang University of Technology

Wang Yihan


The monumental pillar array——The connection and inheritance of millennium culture in Xingtai

Zeng Ying, Zeng Xuan, Hou Yajie, Ma Tianhong, Yan Jin

Dalian University of Technology, South China University of Technology

Lang Liang



Guo Yuwei, Zhang Wei, Zou Tiancheng ,Zhang Zishuo

Hebei University


Inside or outside the window

Liu Yuxuan, Wan Guangcheng, Han Tianzhu, Fan Yaning, Jing Qian

Qingdao Technological University

Wei Shuxiang



Tong Liangang

Tsinghua University



Adelina Gubaidullina, ArturAkhunov

Kazan National University of Architectural Engineering

Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova


Review process© CBC

The jury board includes designers, educators and decision makers who have achieved outstanding achievements in urban planning and architectural design at home and abroad.

Robert Livesey, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Former Head of the Architecture Section of Knowlton School, The Ohio State University © CBC

Thomas McQuillan, Head of Institute of Architecture, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design © CBC

Kong Yuhang, Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Architecture, Tianjin University © CBC

Francisco Sanin, Famous architect and urban planner in Colombia; Professor at Syracuse University School of Architecture; Co-director of 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism © CBC

Zhong Dekun, Honorary Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Architecture, Hunan University © CBC

Fernando Menis, Famous Spanish architect, Founder of Menis Arquitectos © CBC

Wang Xiangrong, Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University © CBC

Qi Xin, Member of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Board chairman and chief architect of Qixin Architecture & Design Consultant Co. Ltd, Design Supervisor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University © CBC

Shu Ping, Dean of School of Architecture & Art Design, Hebei University of Technology © CBC

Peng Lixiao, Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine; Guest Professor of School of Architecture, Tianjin University; Director of CBC (China Building Centre) © CBC

Guo Weibing, President and Chief Architect of Hebei Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd © CBC

Zhao Haikui, Vice President of Xingtai Municipal Institute of Planning and Research © CBC

Government Offcials Attendance

Li Xianming, Deputy Director of Hebei Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department

Zhu Weirong, Director of Urban Management Department, Hebei Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction DepartmentC

Li Jianzhong,Office of Xingtai Municipal People's Government

Wang Xiaoshi, Deputy Director of Xingtai Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

This competition is not a simple "paper talk", but based on the actual context of Xingtai, which has both historical and development potential, and the public space as the fulcrum to collect creative urban micro-space renewal programs. Therefore, the rich and vivid perspectives and focus that everyone has captured in life may be one of the highlights that can add color to the work.

The competition is now over. But don't be disappointed if you didn't win the prize. Quickly review the details of the previous competitions, understand the background analysis, regain your confidence, and join in the next competition! We are looking forward to meeting more outstanding "light chasers" in the next international competition!

Basic Information about Xingtai

Xingtai is located in the southern part of Hebei province, adjacent to Shandong province in the east with Wei Canal as the boundary, west to Shanxi province, north and northeast to Shijiazhuang and Hengshui, south to Handan. This Land has bred a large number of great figures and events that have a great impact on China and the world, leaving behind a rich historical and cultural relic during the 3500-year-old civilization.


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